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Dear valued customers,

You know XeroChat is the best PHP script among other marketing-related software. Still, we are always working hard to improve the quality of it.
Now we are working on a very big update for XeroChat 5.0 that will be released by this year (2020) as soon as possible.
Let me give you a summary of upcoming new features of 5.0 :

1. Facebook APP approval will not be required for own uses or with small set of users you know.
This is a great initiative by Facebook in recent changes, they have removed the app approval process for the admin or the people who has role on the app to use . This is a fantastic movement & remove a lot of headache . A lot of people who want to use our system for them only but due to hassle of App Approval including business verification feel uncomfortable. Now this situation is going to be changed for personal use cases. We will give details about it later .
2. Drag & Drop Email Builder for Email Marketing Feature
In next update, we are going to add drag & drop email builder to create email template easily beside the rich editor. You will have both option to create your email template. This will help you to build beautiful email with less effort.
3. Ecommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Reminder:
Recovering lost sales is one of the most important marketing strategy to become successful Ecommerce seller.
A lot of people leave the cart without checkout at the end & forget. In regular website Ecommerce store, most of the time it’s quite impossible to send email or SMS to them to recover the abandoned cart as you don’t know email or phone number. But here Messenger Ecommerce comes as a game changer. You can track them anytime you want. Because anyone added a single product in the cart is already become Messenger Subscribers.
Now you can set up to 3 reminders to the subscribers who has left cart without checkout to make the sale complete.
4. Ecommerce Store Order Status Change Message Template Set:
Now you will be able to send Facebook Message, email or SMS during order status change from your predefined template easily.
5. Instagram Auto Comment Reply:
You will be now import Instagram account associated with your pages & can set auto comment reply campaign for Instagram posts.
6. Post Planner from CSV:
Bulk post scheduling in social media is another important thing & we are working on to implement bulk post scheduling from CSV file.
7. Medium Social Network Integration:
We are adding Medium social network in posting.
8. RazorPay Payment Gateway Integration in Ecommerce:
We are working on to integrate Indian online payment gateway Razorpay in Ecommerce.
9. Paystack Payment Gateway Integration in Ecommerce:
10. Mollie Payment Gateway Integration in Ecommerce:

Therefore, please, take these things as our future plan, not as promises. And don’t let this article make you purchase our products, either. As I said earlier, buy our products if they meet your needs in the current state. I hope you will not regret, if you buy.

And we don’t have any ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for release. And these update list isn’t final, there may add new or we can remove anything depend on the situation. These updates may come with multiple updates gradually , some may be add-on (not decided yet finally) .

Source articles: https://xeroneit.net/forum/thread/xerochat-upcoming-feature-for-version-50-announcement
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